CADWELD PLUS Exothermic System


Earthmet are an appointed authorised seller and distributor for ERICO CADWELD PLUS exothermic welding products.

Cadweld Plus benefits

The ERICO CADWELD PLUS system provides the weld metals in a sealed metallic cup with no need for starting powder or a metal disk. The system is easier and quicker to use and is ignited with a remote control unit at a distance, enabling the operator to be further away from the ignition process which gives the system a unique safety feature.

More information

The traditional system uses a flint gun and starting material to make the joint and both systems use the same semi-permanent graphite mould, handle clamps, PPE and cleaning accessories.

Earthmet provide full onsite or office training, along with certification.

Cadweld plus was developed as a simplified method of performing exothermically welded electrical connections. This trusted system now features a new cup design for the integrated welding material package which has streamlined the installation process by eliminating ignition materials.

The tamper proof, integrated welding material package consists of a steel cup containing welding material alloys and an ignition source. Once placed in the  mould, the welding material is electronically ignited using a simple battery- powered control unit with a six foot lead.

CADWELD PLUS Exothermic System