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Cresatech CuTS® technology monitors in real-time, metallic infrastructure for change due to cutting/removal, damage or degradation.

Cresatech CuTS® is a scalable solution designed for service environments where safety and continuity are paramount. CuTS® technology monitors in real time, network delivery infrastructure for theft, degradation and failure providing operating companies with immediate, accurate intelligence on service status. Enhancing site safety and minimising service disruption ensures a higher level of customer service is maintained and reduces resulting engineering costs.

The CuTS® tamper-proof module incorporates a unique and patented inductance sensor that is sensitive to small changes in inductance down to 0.02 micro Henrys. When the sense wires detect a change occurs beyond pre-set and adjustable thresholds, the unit alarm is activated. Filter intelligence and thresholds are designed to ensure standard site faults and other events do not result in false alarms. The unit has been designed to be insensitive to voltage changes, ground conductivity, fault conditions or electrical discharges.


  • Ensure Safety / legal Compliancy of site
  • Alarm that grounding Copper / infrastructure removed
  • Deterrent to thieves if coupled with sound/light alarm on site
  • Rapid security response to site
  • Reports degradation of safety infrastructure
  • Proactively anticipate faults / Optimize maintenance
  • Root cause analysis
  • Quick fault resolution
  • Remote configuration and diagnostics minimises site visits
  • Reduce operational down time for services
  • Meet contractual performance commitments
  • Increase profitability

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