Cold Shrink End Cap (Silicon Rubber)


Part NumberShrink RangeLength
CSEC 20/09-6520 - 9mm65mm
CSEC 35/16-9035 - 16mm90mm
CSEC 55/25-11055 - 25mm110mm
CSEC 75/34-12075 - 34mm120mm
CSEC 95/45-20095 - 45mm200mm
CSEC 100/59-130100 - 59mm130mm
CSEC 100/59-225100 - 59mm225mm
CSEC 115/59-140115 - 59mm140mm
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Cold Shrink end cap are used to seal the ends of cables to protect from the ingress of water/moisture. The caps are made from a silicon rubber with a plastic expansion coil which is removed at installation. Please see data sheet for further material specification details.

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