Safemet Security Screws


M6 x 20mmStainless Steel
M6 x 30mmStainless Steel
M6 x 40mmStainless Steel
M6 x 50mmStainless Steel
M6 x 60mmStainless Steel
M6 x 80mmStainless Steel
M8 x 30mmStainless Steel
M8 x 40mmStainless Steel
M8 x 50mmStainless Steel
M8 x 60mmStainless Steel
M10 x 30mmStainless Steel
M10 x 40mmStainless Steel
M10 x 50mmStainless Steel
M10 x 60mmStainless Steel
M12 x 30mmStainless Steel
M12 x 40mmStainless Steel
M12 x 50mmStainless Steel
M12 x 60mmStainless Steel
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The Safemet Pin Hex Security Screws have been manufactured with an internal pin within the standard socket aperture and secure copper and aluminium tape to metal structures.

This prevents removal with standard hexagon keys and is one of the most difficult screws to remove without the matching driver.


  • Supplied in different sizes.
  • Require a matching driver to remove.
  • Supplied in any quantity.


*Please note that the sizes below are only our most popular requests and there are more sizes.

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