An introduction to the Cadweld Exothermic Welding System

Did you know that Earthmet is an appointed authorised seller and distributor of Cadweld Exothermic Systems? The Cadweld Exothermic system provides the function and ability to weld products in a sealed metallic cup with no need for starting powder or a metal disk. This system is not only easier and quicker to use but is ignited with a remote-control unit at a distance – so, a greater level of safety is ensured. As part of Earthmet’s package, we offer full onsite or office training after the purchase of this product, alongside a final training certification.

So, what is the cadweld process?

The CADWELD process is a method of making electrical connections of copper-to-cooper or copper-to-steel in which no outside source of heat or power is required. In this process, conductors are prepared, placed in a mould and exothermically welded to produce a permanent electrical connection.

What are the different connections and materials needed for this system?

The ERICO cadweld plus welding system is made up of numerous different connections, including:

  • An integrated welding material package: This helps to simplify product training, overall installation and the cleaning of the mould.
  • A colour-coded welding material packaging: This assists in reducing any risk of misapplications and serves as a simple visual verification for material size.
  • A Control unit with electronic ignition: This gets rid of any need for starting material.
  • A Six-foot control unit lead: Increases flexibility in hard-to-reach areas and increases installation safety. Replacement leads are also available if you were to lose or break your current one.

What are the benefits of using the Cadweld exothermic process?

Other than the obvious safety features associated with this welding system, there are a number of other benefits in comparison to the exothermic systems predecessors, with a few being: the ability to not deteriorate with age, the elimination of the risk of any loosening or corrosion due to its molecular bonding characteristics, the product will resist repeated faulty currents. The system also offers the lowest possible earth path resistance, can be visually quality controlled and requires minimal training!

Who are Earthmet?

Earthmet is one of the UK’s leading Earthing, Renewable & Lightning Protection Materials supplies with over 40 years of expertise in assisting clients to develop and grow their business. For more information on the Exothermic Cadwelding Systems provided at Earthmet, contact of our team today on +44 (0) 121 636 0860 or email us directly at We offer a guaranteed 24-hour delivery service on all items, as well as a 24-hour support line for all your out-of-hours requests.

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