RISQS accreditation 2021

We are proud to announce that EARTHMET Ltd have retained their RISQS accreditation after a recent audit and are a verified supplier.

RISQS (Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme) is the single entry point for rail industry suppliers and is used as a supplier qualification service for buyers of products and services through the UK rail industry. Buyers of products and services throughout the GB rail industry use RISQS as its supplier qualification service. To summarise, RISQS helps suppliers sell in to the GB rail industry by providing an open, fair and transparent way for them to be formally recognised as capable providers of products and services.

There are many benefits to being RISQS approved;

  • a place on the list of approved suppliers, with our details visible by thousands of buyers in the rail sector
  • an equal opportunity through a fair, open and transparent qualification process
  • access to an online service where we can view our own evaluation and score, see our Questionnaire and product code status as well as receive Industry news and updates
  • the ability to update our capabilities and profile as often as we like

This certification shows our continued dedication to improving ourself as a supplier and shows our commitment to our customers.


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