400LR Nexans Separable Connectors 12-36kv


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400LR Elbow connector is designed for interface B and covers voltages from 12 to 36kv with a maximum conductor size of 185mm2. This separable connector uses a 14mm plug in pin to connector to the 400amp bushing. Designed to connect polymeric insulated cables with a copper wire screen but can be used on armoured, copper tape screen cables with the use of  additional accessories, Please contact our sales office for further details.

Technical Characteristics

  • The thick conductive EPDM jacket provides a total safe to touch screen which ensures safety for personnel.
  • Each separable connector is tested for AC withstand and partial discharge prior to leaving the factory.
  • The screen break design enables cable outer sheath testing without removing or dismantling the connector.

Please ensure full cable details are known at time of order so correct product selection can be made, Specific requirements can be found on the product data sheet attached.

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