CONNEX – Size 1 Pfisterer Termination – 33kV


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CONNEX – Size 1 Pfisterer Termination – 33kV

The MV-CONNEX Pfisterer plugs range is ideal for use in ring main units, Circuit breaker switchgear, High voltage motors, Transformers, Capacitors, Transducers and sealing boxes. the connectors on the equipment side are designed to meet EN50180, 50181 and DIN47637. The plug in suitable for all kinds of insulated plastic cables. As well as a wide range of standard types there are also customer specific versions for every cable type.

  • for DIN VDE cables
  • for RM-conductor (stranded circular) of aluminium or copper
  • for single core cable with copper wire shield without armouring
  • with sealing system (bell flange seal and shrink tubing)
  • for indoor and outdoor applications
  • not soil-resistant and not offshore-proof
  • Packaging unit: set with three separable connectors
  • offshore version on request
  • 3-core version on request

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